Halla Helle

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Niillas Holmberg


Gummerus Kustannus Oy




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"How can a person's eyes look as if they have seen centuries turn, like wound leaves in a southerly wind?"

The priest's son Samu leaves the south behind and moves to Sámiland. A remarkably strong force draws him to Utsjoki: Finland's most spoken Sámi Elle Hallala, artist named Halla Helle.

Elle abandons the work of art and secludes herself to live the life of her ancestors. He sends Sam a dream written in poetic form. With the help of Freud and Jung, Samu begins to interpret dreams to help Elle. Do the interpretations only convey his own desire to get Elle close, and what about another’s culture needs to be embraced in order to understand its symbols?

Social Halla Helle is a pulsating debut novel. It wisely describes the contradictions of both the individual and the community.


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