Duodji Shop

Duodji Shop

Duodji Shop is a responsibly operating business whose core values ​​are sustainable development, ethics, practicality and necessity, as well as beauty. We operate under natural conditions and do not collect more materials than are needed.

Sámi Duodji ry (Finnish Sámi Craftsmen's Association) founded Duodji Shop Oy together with its members. The artisans price their products themselves and Duodji Shop handles the marketing and sales, leaving the artisans more time to make the products. Behind the handicraft products conveyed by Duodji Shop is always a Sámi artist.

Welcome to Duodji Shop!

Do you need materials for Sámi crafts? In Duodji Shop you will find the most comprehensive selection of materials in Finland.

The unique Duodji Shop sells only Sámi products. All products are made by the Sámi.

What does Sámi Duodji mean

The Sámi handicraft (Sámi Duodji) is understood in the Sámi language as consumables such as clothing, tools, household goods, fishing tackle and jewelery made by hand. Crafts have a long tradition. The traditions of modern handicrafts are also in natural materials. Sámi handicrafts are made according to an old tradition, but applied to new working methods and new uses by region.

Products intended as souvenirs and not having a traditional use shall not bear the Sámi Duodji mark.

The Sámi

The Sámi are the only indigenous people in Europe. The Sámi live in the northern parts of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. The Sámi region of Finland includes the municipalities of Enontekiö, Inari, Utsjoki, and the Lapland municipality from the municipality of Sodankylä.

About 10,000 Sámi live in Finland. There are three Sámi languages ​​spoken in Finland: Northern Sámi (about 2000), Inari Sámi (about 300-400) and Skolt Sámi (about 300).

In the Duodji Shop you will find the most comprehensive selection of books in the Sámi language in Finland.

The land of the midnight sun

An essential form of risk has been reduced to the sign - the roundness of the sun, which can also be found on the Sámi flag. Reduction makes the mark clearly identifiable. The colors come from the Sámi flag. The decorative pattern in the middle of the sign comes from a typical Sámi belt ring. With the help of a belt ring, several accessories could be attached to the belt.

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