Welcome to the Duodji Shop online store

The store has the widest selection of Sámi handicrafts, music, and literature in Finland! Duodji Shop can ship abroad to these countries: EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, US and Canada.

Duodji Shop

In the Duodji Shop you will find the widest selection of wonderful, unique handicrafts and versatile Sámi handicraft materials in Finland. We also have a wide selection of Sámi literature and music, in all Sámi languages ​​spoken in Finland: Inari Sámi, Skolt Sámi and Northern Sámi. Here you will find textbooks, children's books and a lot of fiction, among other things.

Welcome to shop online and visit Duodji Shop in the Sámi cultural center Sajos in Inari!


Duodji shop - a shop of authentic Sámi handicrafts

"The birth of genuine Sámi handicraft requires some material at hand, the ability to use this material appropriately and sensibly, and the ability to shape it with artistic sense and sensitivity."

The Sámi handicraft duodji is a product made by hand in the Sámi with a long tradition, experience gained over generations and knowledge of what is practical, simple and proportionate in shape.


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